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Our ambition is to meet the surge protection needs of society in ways that are practical, innovative and environmentally viable, now and in the future.

Mission Statement:
The SurgePure mission statement is its objective to meet the growing demand for clean power while offering the best protection possible of electrical systems. The SurgePure Values and Principals are about how SurgePure will do business in order to achieve its objective.

Vision Statement:
The objectives of SurgePure are to build awareness around the issues associated with dirty power and to bestow power quality principals in the world's ever growing demand for clean power and protection. We believe that surge protection will be integral to the global power quality needs for the ever vastly digital sensitive world in which we live. We seek a high standard of performance, maintaining a solid long-term and growing position in the competitive environment in which we choose to operate. We aim to work closely with our customers, our agents, and our distributors to enhance electrical systems to keep business' in full swing production. Offering front-line-of-defence protection and extending the life of electrical equipment while saving on landfills with replacement product is our green course of action.

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