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Why SurgePure?

SurgePure is known across North America as the most reliable longest lasting surge protection device on the market today. Since 1974 SurgePure has proven to be the real pioneer in the surge protection industry with its line of performance products.


  • UL1449, 5th Edition

  • CSA - C22.2 No.269

  • SCCR - 200kAIC

  • RoHS Compliant

  • ANSI/IEEE C62.11, C62.41 & C62.45

  • NEMA 4X enclosures

  • Type 1 & Type 2 locations

Pure Power Made in the U.S.A.

Since the real-world purpose of a SPD System is to eliminate the hazards of "Electrical Pollution", nuisance type SPD failures are unacceptable!

'Single-Element' Technology

  • SurgePure offers very-high-energy surge capacities that are virtually non-degrading due to 'single-element' technology.

  • SurgePure's single MCOV (maximum continuous operating voltage) thresholds insure 'nano-second fast' response times critical to protecting and isolating even the most sensitive down-line circuitry and components.

'Fuse-link' Technology

  • Every SurgePure module is fused for safety and maximum surge capacity.

  • SurgePure's fuse-link integrity is 'always' maintained, and does not open until entire surge capacity is fully utilized, unlike conventional designs that vaporize or open the 'fuse' long before the claimed surge capacity is engaged and utilized.

  • Fuse-link integrity can be sustained throughout many hi-energy surge events that would otherwise degrade the integrity of the MOV (metal oxide varistor) during frequent typical nearby surge events. One of the primary risks of SPD (surge protection device) degradation is the inability to field-verify MOV integrity, especially after surge events where subtle degradation has occurred.

  • Fuse-link integrity eliminates both nuisance type SPD failures and resulting down-line equipment failures, especially the more gradual, 'rust-like deterioration' of components.

  • SurgePure's combination of 'intergraded MOV/fuse-link' technology and sustained MOV integrity eliminates the frequent cost of SPD replacements, as well as the risk of down-line equipment losses, frequent repairs and costly downtime.

Safety 'Surge Cushion' Technology

  • SurgePure's encapsulated MOV's insure the thermal integrity of critical surface areas and maintains functional MOV integrity by special heat-sinking characteristics.

  • Heat dissipation is one of SurgePure's major advantages to the entire long-term SPD integrity.

  • SurgePure's unique combined safety design features keeps even the most violent SPD failures hazard-free both to the user and to vulnerable nearby equipment.

Conventional Multi-Element Vs. Non-Degrading 'Single-Element'

SurgePure is known as the most robust industrial SPD on the market today.
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