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SurgePure Warranty
  • Mach 2 to Mach 6 full replacement Lifetime
  • Mach 1 has a 10-year warranty

Here at SurgePure we understand how important your business is to you and what it means to be in full swing production without interruption of costly downtime. When it comes to protecting your electrical system you want the best.


SurgePure surge protection devices (SPDs) are backed with a solid Lifetime Warranty on Mach 2 to Mach 6 models against manufacturer defects. Mach 1's are for downline sub-panels and come with a standard 10-year warranty.


  • SurgePure offers super high amounts of surge capacity in all our products.

  • SurgePure SPDs are robust industrial spec grade SPDs that never wear out.

  • Major brands can’t match SurgePure’s premium industrial strength SPDs.

  • SurgePure SPDs work 24/7, are maintenance free.

  • SurgePure utilizes a unique ‘single-element’ design that sets SurgePure apart from the multi-element designs of the industry.

  • Being ‘Single-Element’ means SurgePure products are either 100% operational or 0% operational. Unlike conventional multi-element SPDs that leave you second guessing if you're really protected or not.


Facilities that use SurgePure know they are protected because of SurgePure’s extremely high surge capacities coupled with SurgePure’s non-degrading design. We’re sure you’ll like what you see with the SurgePure advantage!

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